Tuesday, 21 September 2010


This last few days has been pretty much crochet/craft free. Instead I have found myself being mechanical assistant. As I mentioned in a previous post, P's car is undergoing a a huge engine rebuild. I forgot to mention that he's doing it himself, which means so am I.
I don't have too much of  an issue with helping, it's just I can't stand having grubby/ grimy hands.
As helper/assistant my jobs are as follows:
1. Go getter of greasy things. (spanners, hammers, etc)
2. Maker of coffee, to all blokes who happen to have their head under the bonnet, or are in the shed.
3. Reader of manual/ Internet researcher.
4. Problem solver. A typical problem solving conversation goes like this:
P " Why wont it start?"
Me " I'm not sure. Have you checked blah, blah and blah?"
P " Yes any other ideas?"
Me " Coffee"
5. Body work expert.
J and I spent an entire weekend gently pulling off the nasty stickers that were on the car, using the special sticky stuff remover (that smells like fly spray) and finally giving everything a good wax/polish.
She looked lovely when we finished, but I couldn't crochet for 3 days because my hands hurt soooooooooooo much, and they were stuck in a claw like position.

P wanted a project to get his teeth into. He's definitely got that!!
She's so close to running now.  We've joined the local Subaru owners club.
 I liken it to rav, because everyone has the shared interest, and are really lovely.
We'll soon be able to go to the meets, and drive in a convoy! I truly can't wait!!

This is how she looked when we got her. A little bit tacky IMO.

After all the hard work done by J and I.

Tons better!

I hope to be hooking again soon, and have written out a how I use the flower loom. Just waiting to take the pics to go with it.

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