Friday, 8 March 2013

Slanty shell blanket

After being asked by so many people, about my blanket, I have finally made a tutorial for you!!
I hope it works!
Uk terms 3.5mm hook
For a practise ch27 LOOSE.
In 4th ch from hook work 3tr.
*skip 3 chains and work 1 dc.
ch3 and work 3tr in next ch*.
Repeat from * to * all the way along.
In the very last ch work 1dc, ch3 and turn.
Row 1
Work 3tr in first dc.
* In the next 3ch space work (dc,3ch,3tr)*
repeat from *to* all the way along, end 1dc in turning ch.
ch3 turn
Repeat row 1 throughout.
To make the blanket, loosely ch243 and change colour every 4 rows, or whenever you fancy!
Foundation row: 3tr in 4th ch from hook.* (sk 3chs, 1dc in next ch, 3tr in next ch)* rep from * to * across row.
End sk 3 chs, 1dc in last ch, 3ch turn.
Row 1: 3tr in 1st dc, *( 1dc,3ch,3tr) in next 3ch sp. rep from * to * across  row. End 1dc in turning ch, ch3 turn.
If you find anything wrong please leave a comment, and I'll amend it.
Till next time