Sunday, 12 September 2010

A beautiful day

Today is a beautiful day.
The sun is shining, little puffy white clouds are gently floating by. The birds are chirp,chirp,chirping. Singing there little hearts out.
I'm currently sat in a sun beam writing this, feeling a warm breeze against my face.
Most of the time, I write what I'm going to say on paper, then type it out, and add the pictures later.
Starting this blog has certainly made me take notice of the little things.
 Take this flower for example.
It's one of only a few remaining.
Here's what the rest of the plant looks like.
BB.(before blog) I would have been sooooo sad that summer is coming to an end. Now I am grateful that there are still lovely things to see.
I'm seeing life in a far more positive way. Something I haven't been able to do in quite some time.
When I'm feeling a little braver I might share more about that. 
Till next time, I hope you enjoy a look at some of the things I have found lovely today.

A busy little hover fly.

A bundle of crochet blankets.

A lovely cupcake.
Better make that 2 lovely cupcakes!

Some bunting I threw together. Made out of an bag that came free with a magazine.


  1. I love the bunting, what a great idea, its so pretty.

  2. Lovely~
    I have a new linky blog if you'd like to participate :) feel free!
    Niki :)

  3. how pretty!



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