Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Pretty 8 petal flower

I thought I'd share with you the little flower I made up yesterday.
It's the first time I've ever made something up and written it down so I can make it again!
Please let me know if you find any mistakes and I'll try my best to amend the pattern.

Round 1
 ch6 and join to form a ring.

Round 2
ch3(counts as 1tr) 15tr into ring. Join to the top of beginning 3ch.

Round 3
 ch4 (counts as 1dc 3ch) skip next tr and dc in next tr. *ch3 skip next tr and dc in next tr*
rep from*to* 6 times more join with a sl st in 1st of beginning 4ch.
8 3ch loops

Round 4
 *sl st into first 3ch loop and work 1dc,1htr,1tr,1dtr,1tr,1htr,1dc*

rep from*to* 7 times more.
You can leave it like this.

Or you can carry on and do a little middle like this:
Join new colour to any skipped st of the previous round.

Round 5
 ch1(counts as 1dc) 1htr,1tr,1htr,1dc.
*in the next skipped st work. 1dc,1htr,1tr,1htr,1dc*
rep from *to* 6 more times.
Fasten off and sew in ends.

Yay pretty 8 petal flower

Let me know if you try it


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