Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I can't believe the school holidays are close to the end now. The time has flown by so very fast.
Trying to find things to do, that don't cost a fortune, and are not BORING, is not always easy.
Today though the answer was only 5 mins down the road.
Sometimes I completely forget about what's on our doorstep.

I think it's fantastic that although we live in a fairly large town, there are areas as lovely as this.
I found a lovely spot for P&J to dunk their fishing rods, and for me to sit under a tree and crochet!!!!!
Hope the weather stays good for tomorrow then.


I have been very busy with my crochet car blanket, and have finished it.
For some reason I did not enjoy making this as much as I normally would. It seemed to really drag towards the end.
I'm fairly pleased with the end result, but.............................
I can't put my finger on what I'm not happy about. 

I look at the photos and think It's nice but........................
It doesn't make me want to do a happy dance.
I'll have to see what it looks like on the back seat.
I just wanted to add. I can't belive that the local shop has started to sell CHRISTMAS things.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It's far to early.

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  1. Just clicked on to your Blog, saw the word PINK, so here l am......Yes, lovely photo's and write ups...would like to follow, if thats o.k.
    The knitt'in, sew'in, etc. l've done many years ago, but still have an interest.
    My Blog does'nt change that much, l'm afraid, a friend of my daughters, suggested l have one, so "There It Is" it's been up and runn'in for 21 mths now, and some 7,500 view'ins, god knows who...FBI l think :)
    Oh! and yes, Beales in Poole, have been sell'in Christmas cards for a month now...Wow!
    Me! l just tippex out last years, and by envelopes. :0)
    A House Is Built From Bricks And Beams....
    A Home Is Built From Love And Dreams....!
    Thankyou.....Think Pink....! ;).


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