Monday, 9 August 2010


When it comes to crafts, crochet is head and shoulders above everything else. I could go on forever telling you about how much I love everything about it.
It wasn't always like that though. For a long while crochet was my Nemesis, my arch enemy!
I loved how it looked, all the colours you could use, but I could not do it.
Several people tried (unsuccessfully) to show me. My mother in law gave up and took my hook away. (with much rolling of eyes)
All I could do was chain. I could do a chain from here to the moon if I had a large enough ball of yarn!
Anyhow. With the help of YouTube video, my yellow practice wool and a leaflet, I succeeded! I'm a SUCCESS!!!!!!!
Now I feel at a loss if I don't get to do some everyday. I need my fix. I'm an addict.
So here's my latest project.
Granny stripe blanket.
I'm just over halfway done in the above photo.
The tutorial can be found here. Lucy has the most fantastic tutorials,and photos. I honestly can't recommend the Attic24 blog enough.
I will post more photos when I get closer to the end. I'm off to hook some more!!

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