Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Granny square

Lately I've been working on a granny square.
 I didn't realise how frustrating it is to try and design something from scratch.
I wanted to do my own version of a circle in a square.
Here's the first couple of tries

As you can see, the edges will not behave!
 :: sigh ::
After loads more attempts

It's looking a lot more like a grannyish type of square.

Nearly there!
I don't have a YAY moment yet, but it is soon!

I also wanted to show you my car blanket.
I did do a happy dance too.
What I'm loving most about my little car is this.
I don't drive yet, it was a gift from my mum.
So I'm spending my time making bits and bobs to decorate her and make her look lovely (the car that is not my mum, she already looks lovely!)
Any hoo. P's car is in the middle of a huge engine rebuild and he needs a car to travel to work.
You've guessed it! He's using mine!
Tee hee!
A huge burly bloke driving a cute pinky red car complete with pretty blanket, flowery cushions,
and a couple of purple hearts on the back!!!!

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  1. love the car blanket!
    I always wondered how the circle in a square thing would work. hmmm


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