Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Hello! On the first of December, I had my first trip to London! I loved it, all the noise, smells, people. I'm certain i couldn't live there, I'd miss the countryside and the sea far to much! We started in hyde park in the winter wonderland.
I don't think the temperature managed to get above freezing all day! Next we moved on to Bigben and the houses of parliament.
I can't describe how excited and happy to REALLY see Bigben. I get very over excited about seeing things that I have seen on the T.V. in real life!!!!! Trafalgar square and Nelsons column.
I nearly forgot to mention the Tube! I totally totally loved the tube!
Next we went to Harrods. No photos of this because I hated it!!!!!! It was the thing I was most looking forward to as well! Do you know what? Even if I won the lottery or was left lots of ££££££ from a rich relative I didn't know about, I would not spend a single penny in there! NASTY!!!
Off to visit the Queens house!
I would love to go again soon, as there are soooooo many thing I would like to see! I'll leave you with a few more pics!
Till next time xxx P.S. Does anyone know why I can't have paragraphs? All my writing is bunched up and doesn't look very nice, plus it's difficult to read! Any advise will be gratefully received!!!


  1. Lovely pictures, it looks like a fun trip! I don't know about your paragraphs works fine on my blog.

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for the pics! My dh and I are planning on making the trek to London next year for our 25th anniversary. Why did you not like Harrods?

    I do not have a blog, so no idea. Sorry.


  3. I went to London 6 years ago and I look forward to having the possibility to come back. I love London.


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