Thursday, 2 December 2010

Yay snow!

We have snow! About 2" of beautiful, soft, powdery snow.
I love the crunchy sound under my boots. I love the putt putt putt sound it makes as it lands. I love how quiet it is, with not so many cars on the road. I love how pretty and sparkly everything becomes.
It's fair to say I love the snow. (just in case you hadn't already guessed!)
J made this little snowman before school. Time ran out hence the lack of face!
We'll be making a much bigger one after school.
 I think J's school is one of the only schools that stayed open. He's not at all happy about that!
 I went for a slippy, slidey, skiddy walk, to take as many photos as I could. All in the name of blogging!!!

Walking through the woods was so beautiful. I enjoyed and savoured every moment.

Now it's time for yet another cup of tea, and something yummy.
Till next time

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