Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Festive bits and bobs

Lots of festive things have started to be dotted around in our house! The above is my favorite ornament.

The fire place has been decorated.

The wreath I made a few years ago is up.

So is the tree.

Need to hide all those wires!!

These little guys are from my first Christmas with P!

I have also made a patchwork cushion for my Nan.

The colours are a little washed out ( thanks clouds!)

I've finished the crochet cushion.


I have also had a change of heart about my previous snowy post. Walking to the shop the next day was a nightmare. The pavements were covered in ice, as was the road. On the way back............... Ouch! Yep down I go!
Of course there is an audience! I don't know if they laughed or not. I couldn't bear to look!
No place to hide my very, very red face. The only injury was to my pride! J was a total gentleman though, he held my hand the rest of the way home. Not bad for an 11 3/4 year old!


  1. Hi Hayley, your home is looking so merry and festive. The pillows are lovely, so sweetly done. Everyone seems to be speaking of snow and unfortunately (fortunately?!) I must lay low because I live in a place where it's pretty much sunny 359 days of the year. No excuse for me since I've had embarassing spills in perfectly beautiful weather. Have a lovely holiday season with your family. P.S. I love your 'falling snowflakes' so huge thanks for the link. Added this effect to my blog too! xx Josie

  2. So glad you are okay! Those falls can be tough. Lovely pillows and ornaments.


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