Saturday, 6 November 2010

Crochet and buttons

I thought you might like to see the very first crochet item my mum has made.

She hasn't been crocheting very long. I think it was supposed to be a gift, but she has decided to keep it!!
There's nothing like the pride you feel about your first, don't you think?

I have been finding some uses for the buttons I have.
Hanging sign.

I really love this, and it makes me smile every time I look at it!
The buttons came from my Nan's clothes. She passed away not quite 6 months ago. When we went to clear out her flat, I spent 3 hours cutting buttons off of every single item of her clothes. So much needed to be thrown away, and sadly her clothes were not fit to go to the charity shop. I couldn't bear for nothing to be left, so snip snip snip! It's weird what grief make you do.

I've also been having a little bit of luck with my sewing machine.

Making this stocking didn't result in the usual temper tantrum!
Progress at last!!!
Till next time


  1. Your Mom did a wonderful job and your little creations are really great. Sad about your Nan but I am sure you have lots of wonderful memories to cherish.

  2. Gorgeous blanket your mum made. Lovely. I love your Home hanger too and the stocking is adorable. x


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