Monday 13 June 2011


So much time has passed since my last blog post I have found it really hard to start again. Every time I try to write something interrupts! Phone calls, visitors, you know how it is!
Firstly then a little bit of housekeeping. Thank you for all of the comments that have been left, I have tried to answer all questions that have been asked, if I have missed anyone I'm really super sorry, just email me and I'll get to you!!! Also welcome to all the new followers!
So what's been occurring these past weeks? It's quite a list!

Reconciliation. My sister an I hadn't spoken in nearly a year, (no details on that sorry!) so there has been lots of tears, hugs, and a whole heap of gossip to catch up on!!

A car crash. again no details, but everyone is is fine.

Gardening. A huge amount of time has been taken up with gardening. It's looking very pretty, but there's still loads to do.

P&J. They have both been on holiday from work and school, no a chance of blogging whilst they are home!!!

A trip to Cornwall. We drove down to Cornwall to visit Ps parents. It's a very scenic place and the people are nice, but I just don't like it there! I have no idea why. Sorry to any readers who happen to live there, I guess you can't like everywhere!!!

A broken laptop. We're now using the 'big' computer that is normally in Ps workshop. (I call it the shed!)
It's a noisy and slow old beast, but at least it does the job. before it was brought into the house, there were 3 days of no internet YIKES!. I think I'm a little too addicted!!!

 Driving. I have started to take driving lessons after a break of 2 1/2 years. I get so nervous and worked up before each one I can barely breath! I hope that as time passes I calm down. I also passed my theory test. Woo-Hoo!

Finally crochet. I've started a new hexagon blanket. I'm not sure how big it's going to be yet, although size really isn't going to matter too much because it's for decoration instead of snuggling!

That's about it for now, there have been other odds and sods but I'll leave those for another day!
Till next time ( I won't leave it so long promise!)