Monday 31 January 2011

Good week vs Bad week.

As the title suggests it has been a week of two halves.
I'll start with the GOOD.
My Hyacinth's have started to bloom, they smell lovely. I keep popping over to them, to have a little sniff, as well as encouraging anyone in the room to do the same!

I have started and finished one side of a round cushion. It has been a nightmare!
Look at all these attempts.

It was driving me loopy! No matter what I did, it wouldn't play nice! Curly and cuppy was the only thing it wanted to do. Swearing didn't help, nor did hurling it across the room. (Though it did fly quite well, a new sport perhaps?!)
Anyhow, I asked on Ravelry .I should have done that to start with! This group is the best (imo) If the lovely folk there can't help you, they'll know a place to go.
I'm pleased to show you the result of all the help and my perseverance!

Yay! Flat(ish)!!
Just the back to do. I want to do it in one solid colour, probably black or stone.

Now on to Bad week.
 I did wonder if I should post about this, but because it's part of our lives, and it's going to affect a huge amount of my posts for the next few months. I thought I would. Not only that, I think I might need a shoulder to cry on at times.
So, here goes.
We are about to loose our house. One of the pitfalls of renting I guess. The landlady has decided she wants to move back in.(she has split up with her boyfriend. Allegedly) Her house, her rules, I get it. It doesn't make it any easier though.
Telling J was one of the hardest things I have had to do in a long time. Thank goodness he's a level headed young man. He took it better than I thought. P and I have decided to keep things as normal as possible for this next week, because it's J's 12th birthday next Saturday. We will not allow that to be ruined anymore than it has been already.
After that we will be launching operation new house!
I'm frightened, and have that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. OK, big fat wet tears are going to start again if I talk about it any longer. I'm off to get a tissue!
Till next time

Monday 24 January 2011

Tons of crochet

This last week, my hooks have been on fire!
I have made loads of layer flowers.

Some Daisy layer flowers.

I'd love to show you some pics of them hung up, because they look really pretty. Unfortunately, every photo I've taken looks rubbish!!

I've made a pretty jar jacket.

Various granny squares, triangles, and hexagons.

They're all practice ones above. 
I think I've managed to get the patterns sorted out, so that the edges lay flat.

Once I've tweaked the patterns a bit more, I hope to post them here.
My granny ripple is still growing. No more photos of that, till I can do a Ta-Dah post!

I've also just realised that if you click the photos, they open in a bigger window. Yay!
Is that a new thing? Please tell me it is, or else I'm slow on the uptake again!!
Till next time

::Edited to add::
Thank you to clever cheshire cats for posting the Google translate info!

Friday 14 January 2011

Layer flower

Time for a little bit of crochet show and tell.
The Granny ripple is starting to grow.
It's a relaxing pattern to work. Ripple along one way, ripple along the other.
Speaking of the pattern, I'm not totally sure if I can share it with you. As I said before, it is a bit of a mish mash of 2 other patterns. You can find the 2 patterns here and here. I do feel really bad, but I guess it would be stealing if I did share. Do you forgive me???????
Let me make it up to you.
 I have a little flower pattern to share.

UK terms (US terms in brackets)

Ch 3 join with a slst to form a ring.
The hole is tiny, so you may have to wiggle it around a bit, to fit your hook in.
Rd 1. Ch 1 (does not count as a stitch) 12 dc (sc) into ring, slst into 1st dc (sc). 12 dc (sc)
Rd2. Ch3, 3tr tog (3dc tog) into next dc (sc), ch3, slst into next dc (sc). Do this 5 more times. Join with a slst into 1st of beginning 3ch.
Fasten off neatly.
I made 3, with different yarns.
The red one is made with cotton and a 4.5mm hook
The pink one is made with DK and a 4mm hook.
The blue one is made with 4ply and a 3mm hook.

I sewed them together, and added a button.
Yay pretty!
Till next time

Tuesday 11 January 2011

A beautiful day

Thank you for the get well messages. The doctor thinks I have pleurisy.I'm off to hospital tomorrow for a chest xray, just to rule out other nasties.

Today though, I want to show you the photos from this weekend.
 We drove down to Lulworth cove, and walked the cliff walk to Durdle door.
We were really killing 2 birds with 1 stone, because J was doing a school project on the Dorset coast, and we all needed to get out of the house before we went CrAzY!!!

Would you like to see a photo of us all together?

Ok here you go!

I'm the little one in the middle!!

This is the cove

The cliff  has a path way, so you can climb up

Up we go.

It doesn't look that steep, believe me it is super steep, and very long.
 The view from the top was worth my jelly legs!

We can't stay up here for too long, we have other places to see.
Time to make our way back down.


Half way down, time to stop for a rest and take in the view.


At the bottom looking up.

I hope you're not getting bored! I still have loads to show you!

On the way back to the car for a coffee and tea pit stop, we found the coolest tree ever growing in a little back garden.

Refreshed It was time to walk up cliff 2!

This one is even steeper!!

We had lots of rest view stops!

This is what I was desperate to show P and J.

Stunning!! I LOVE where we live sooooo much!

More steps down to the beach

So worth it.


All too soon it was time to head back.

 I didn't  fancy having to climb all the way back up those steps in the dark!

Till next time

Friday 7 January 2011

Long time no see!!

It's so good to be back.
I've been poorly with the dreaded flu all over Christmas and new year. I now have a secondary chest infection at the bottom of my left lung. : (
I don't mean to moan, but it's the first time I've ever had flu. I always thought it was like a really super nasty cold, boy was I wrong!
Thankfully we spent Christmas in Cornwall with P's family. No way would I have been capable of cooking Christmas dinner! I only had enough energy to eat 2 roast potatoes, before I had to go and lay down again!
I haven't ever been knocked sideways by an illness like that before. 3 weeks so far. (poo!!)
Since I'm feeling a bit better time to move onto nicer things.
I have some pretty flowers to cheer myself up!

They certainly work. Lovely cheerfulness in the kitchen window.

My new spotty mug from J

And matching biscuit tin from P

More cheerfulness in the kitchen!

I'm afraid there has been very little crochet going on. The Granny ripple is no further forward.
I have played around with some little egg cozies.

The little face is thanks to P's silly mate!!
 I'm not totally happy with them, but I might be overly fussy!
Fingers crossed the antibiotics will start working soon, and I'll feel loads better and a bit more enthusiastic!
Till next time
Oh I nearly forgot.
I think there has been some problems with posting comments. I've fiddled around with some of the settings, and think I have sorted it out. If you find any problems I'd be very grateful if you could let me know. Email or ravelry. Lastly a big thank you to the people who alerted me to the problem in the first place!