Friday, 8 March 2013

Slanty shell blanket

After being asked by so many people, about my blanket, I have finally made a tutorial for you!!
I hope it works!
Uk terms 3.5mm hook
For a practise ch27 LOOSE.
In 4th ch from hook work 3tr.
*skip 3 chains and work 1 dc.
ch3 and work 3tr in next ch*.
Repeat from * to * all the way along.
In the very last ch work 1dc, ch3 and turn.
Row 1
Work 3tr in first dc.
* In the next 3ch space work (dc,3ch,3tr)*
repeat from *to* all the way along, end 1dc in turning ch.
ch3 turn
Repeat row 1 throughout.
To make the blanket, loosely ch243 and change colour every 4 rows, or whenever you fancy!
Foundation row: 3tr in 4th ch from hook.* (sk 3chs, 1dc in next ch, 3tr in next ch)* rep from * to * across row.
End sk 3 chs, 1dc in last ch, 3ch turn.
Row 1: 3tr in 1st dc, *( 1dc,3ch,3tr) in next 3ch sp. rep from * to * across  row. End 1dc in turning ch, ch3 turn.
If you find anything wrong please leave a comment, and I'll amend it.
Till next time


  1. Thank you, love your tutorial and am now following you on pintrest. Have you ever chrocheted a tulip? I haven't found a pattern yet but would love to find one and make for my gramma.

  2. Süper bir açıklama teşekkürler arkadaşım güzel bir hafta sonu dilerim sevgiler.

  3. Thank you very much Hayley !
    Happy weekend.

  4. Oooooohhh!!!! Thanks! Thanks!
    Lovely and simple!
    Kisses from Catalonia!

  5. Wow, muy bonito. Gracias. Me lo quedo porque seguro que lo voy a utilizar.
    Buen día.

  6. Very nice explanation, thank you :)

  7. Thank you so much for making this tutorial. because of you i will be making this blanket for each of my children. Thank you thank you again.

  8. Your delightful blog... Such a pleasure. I've got to get cracking to finish up a shawl I began, but then I'd love to try this slanty blanket. My daughter-in-law is expecting her first baby this fall, and another young friend just found out she's expecting TRIPLETS! Lots of projects to plan for!

  9. I will make this. It's very pretty. I usually make things for everyone in my family, but this one will be for me. Thanks for posting.:)

  10. Thank you for sharing your tutorial. Very lovely. Kathy

  11. Such beautiful colours, I am now making a second one of these blankets with the left over wool from the first. Thank you for the pattern :D

  12. Can you please tell me how to make those lovely flowers with the leaves that you have attached to this blanket?
    I have looked through your patterns but am a bit of a learner so I may be missing something.

  13. Looks lovely, What ply Wool are you using?

  14. I just saw your blanket on pinterest. I love it, absolutely adorable! Thank you for the pattern!


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