Friday, 12 August 2011

Crochet hearts.

I'm a very happy bunny today, I've finally worked out my own heart pattern.
I've been trying to figure out a heart pattern since February, so it could be for valentines day. Just a tiny bit late then!!
I really am very pleased.
Why is taking photos of bunting/garlands so difficult??
They all look a bit blah!

I have also, finished off all the middles for the spring time hexagon blanket. (also late considering the name!)
All the ends are sewn in nicely too!

I would love to be small enough to explore in among the left over tails!

I also forgot to show you a little wreath I made a while ago.

I noticed the other day that I have just passed my first blogoversery!!
One whole year of blogging. WOW!! 
So I'm going to be having my first blog giveaway. I will post all of the information in my next post. 
Till next time


  1. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I love the hearts bunting and the wreath, they're beautiful with lovely bright colours.

  2. Hello Hayley, what a beautiful garland!
    I also love the colours you use for your hexagons.

    Groetjes, Monique

  3. Ooooooh what beautiful things you've made! The little hearts are very cute - do you have a pattern? I know what you mean about photographing bunting, it's really hard! You got a good shot of them all in a cirle though I love that.

    I wish when I was making my hexagons I could have been as disiplined, it's really nice to have a little production line and always have something to start with (I hate making the middles) well done!

    Your garland is also tres beautiful :-) xx

  4. Loving your bursts of colour :) and congrats on your heart pattern isn't it a wonderful feeling! take care love Amanda xxx

  5. The bunting is definitely NOT blah- its super cute!!
    I love the floral wreath, its incredibly lovely

  6. Delightful! love the little heart!

  7. I love the way your hearts and garland brighten things up, really pretty. As for the hexagons, I am amazed will have to give them a try one day! Lovely

  8. Well done! Like your garlands very much, the hearts are very sweet and colorful:)

  9. Hearts are timeless and a welcome sight at any time of year. And I wouldn't look at it as though you are late...look ahead to 2012 and see how EARLY you are! Pat yourself on the back for being nice and early! I find photographing many yarn projects to be difficult. It never looks as wonderful through the camera's eye as what I see in person! Annette

  10. So nice that I found your lovely and colourful blog. beautiful things you make.

  11. Those hearts are very cute, I hope you post your pattern for them. Love the colors of all your centers. Look forward to seeing finished blanket

  12. I love the hearts and the hexies!!

  13. Comment on the yarn ends. I add them to dryer lint and put them in a plastic mesh bag from veggies and put them out for the birds in the spring to use to build their nests. Makes for colourful nests in your neighbourhood.
    Brenda in Canada

  14. Your crocheted heart garland is so sweet! Lucky person to win that!!


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