Wednesday, 8 September 2010



One of the many reasons for starting a blog, were to be able to keep a record/diary of adding some much needed colour into our lives.
As we live in a rented house, most of this is going to be limited to accessories.
I don't think there is much harm in getting inspiration form any source I find, after all it's only inspiration. It's not like I'm going to redecorate!
So to kick off I thought I'd show you what I've found in the magazine I read.
It' packed full of loveliness.

These kitchens are the stuff of my dreams.
 Look at this.
I totally adore this blanket.

I've also been looking around the net and have found more loveliness
These tins for example.

Everything in these shops.

Here is where you find all the above.
All these things want need. Yes I need them all very badly indeed. They will make me happy and very smiley!

I don't want to go for a set style, to me I lacks personality. It has to be a collection of bits and bobs that I find beautiful. Functionality is a bonus!
Thankfully P and J are very patient with me and indulge/forgive all of my flights of fancy.
It's just another reason on the long list of why I love them so much.
I think I'll leave showing you all the little bits I've collected until another post. I've waffled on long enough!
Bye bye! For now.

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  1. I love this magazine, I also like Country Living, I don't buy it often as its quite pricey but I love looking at all the wonderful pictures and dreaming.
    Jacey x


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